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A Beautiful Melrose

“As we grow into the next chapter of Melrose's history, as Mayor, I will preserve our character and charm, protect our environmental integrity and maintain our infrastructure.

I have a vision for a beautiful Melrose. To me, that means fixing our roads, keeping our sidewalks clear, planting more trees, preserving our open space and properly maintaining our public buildings."

  - Monica Medeiros Solano, Candidate for Mayor of Melrose

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Monica’s vision for a Beautiful Melrose:



As a City Councilor for twelve years, Monica supported improvements to nearly every park and playground in Melrose. Monica voted to build a new football field, a new track at Pine Banks, and was the driving force to create our first dog park at Ell Pond. Monica supported sidewalk improvements across the city for the safety and enjoyment of all residents. As Mayor, she will continue this commitment.



As beautiful as we are, the fact is, much of our infrastructure is badly in need of fixing.


Prioritize Street & Sidewalk Improvements

Roadwork – Monica will work with our DPW to objectively assess the conditions of our roads on an ongoing basis and prioritize their repair based on condition and use. Monica will see that the city coordinates these efforts with our own water & sewer repair work and collaborate with gas and other utilities to repair our roads in a systematic way.

Prioritize sidewalk improvements -- As mayor, Monica will prioritize sidewalk repair and improvements in areas near our senior housing, especially on routes to our shopping districts and the sidewalks in all of our business districts throughout the city. Next would be our major thoroughfares (such as Main St) and school routes.

Beyond that, Monica will work with our DPW to identify hazards and prioritize them by severity and frequency of travel so that we can address these as funding becomes available. Where reasonable, we can apply temporary patches and mark trip hazards

Public Safety Buildings

Our public safety buildings have fallen into disrepair and do not meet the current needs of our public safety workforce. Monica believes the proposed public safety building debt exclusion ballot question serves a needed and worthwhile purpose which would help the City deliver public safety services to all residents.

Should the ballot question pass, Monica is the candidate most equipped with the experience and skills to ensure that the construction stays on track, on budget and that the money is strictly used for its intended purpose.

Ongoing Facility Upkeep

Monica will ensure regular building maintenance is planned and budgeted for. Monica will integrate her strategic financial plan with the city’s long-term capital improvement plans to better identify our needs and reach our goals for maintenance of our infrastructure.



Monica will maintain the highest level of service and oversight to ensure trash is picked up as it should be.

Monica will educate residents and work with local businesses to ensure trash is being kept tidily and dumpsters are closed to discourage the proliferation of pests.

Monica will ensure City trash barrels are regularly being emptied to stop overflowing barrels and reduce pests.



Monica will coordinate efforts of the DPW, businesses and volunteers to remove graffiti quickly.



Part of our desirability, is just how walkable our city is. Monica knows keeping it that way means not only properly maintaining our sidewalks, but also keeping them clear from obstruction.

Trim Trees

Monica will work with the DPW and tree warden to ensure street trees are trimmed as necessary. She will ensure that limbs do not block street signs, infringe on pedestrian access, or encroach on private homes.

Be Proactive

Instead of waiting for complaint calls, Monica will work with the DPW to take a proactive approach to identifying and trimming problem trees and will work with the Ward Councilors to help us identify problem tree limbs and neighborhood sidewalk obstructions.

Improve Snow Removal

As mayor, Monica will improve snow removal for clearer streets by:

  • Strongly enforcing our snow removal ordinance in our commercial districts.  Monica will proactively work with our commercial property owners who do not comply to ensure they are aware of our ordinance, and if they do not comply, impose fines per the ordinance.

  • Emphasizing our Snow Angels program – Monica will continue to use the Mayor’s office to identify volunteers willing to help neighbors who are unable to shovel their sidewalks and connect them with residents in need of assistance.

  • Expanding City Sidewalk Plow Routes - As mayor, Monica will expand our sidewalk plow routes to include not only school routes, but also other heavily traveled pedestrian and commuter routes.


Preserve Open Space

Monica believes preserving our precious open space is vital to maintaining our community’s character. She will focus new development in smart growth areas and think creatively to add green space wherever possible.

Go Organic

Monica supports caring for our properties organically whenever possible to protect our pollinators, our residents – especially children, and our city employees from exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Plant Trees

As our next mayor, Monica will plant more trees and seek the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Tree City USA” designation. Trees increase property values, can lower stress and help clean the air we breathe.

Plant Flowers

Where possible, Monica will work with DPW to plant drought tolerant, native flowering plants on city properties to beautify our city and support our pollinators. Monica will encourage new development to do the same. Incorporating native, seasonal flowers when space allows would make spaces, even parking lots, more inviting and welcoming.

Engage Volunteers
Monica will seek active community involvement in helping to maintain and beautify our properties by working with and creating friend groups, such as the Friends of Ell Pond and identifying Adopt-a-Site partners.

As a way to build our community and bridge the divide of age, wealth and ability, Monica will explore expanding the Snow Angels service program to include volunteer lawn mowing or summer gardening help to those in need.

Safeguard our Environment
Monica will ensure our city has strict zoning which protects our environment including strong slope protection to discourage blasting, and elements which adequately addresses storm water management.


Monica will support our diverse local artists and showcase their work in a way that is accessible to many by displaying and rotating that artwork in our public buildings.



As part of the leadership of the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA), the Massachusetts Municipal Councillors’ Association and as part of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Local Government, appointed by Governor Charlie Baker, Monica worked side by side for years with leaders from across the state to advocate for Melrose and all municipalities for more funding for education, for road repair and for all municipal services.

Monica will continue to advocate for more funding for infrastructure improvements from our state and federal government. Monica will continue to actively participate MMA activities to educate herself on funding opportunities and work with her staff to ensure grant and other funding mechanisms are fully pursued.


Watch and Listen...

See and hear Monica share her vision.

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