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Strong Fiscal Management

“I believe the most important job I will have as Mayor will be to provide a strong financial footing for Melrose.”

“By beginning on Day One to build a five-year strategic financial plan for Melrose, I will do my best as Mayor to provide the strong fiscal management needed to maintain our City’s affordability, strengthen our education system, and protect the sustainability of our City’s financial future.”

“At the heart of what I hope to provide is a budget that is grounded in sound fiscal management and that is clear, transparent and easy to understand.”


                                                                         - Monica Medeiros Solano, Candidate for Mayor of Melrose

Monica speaks about fiscal responsibilit

Monica’s plan:

Monica will provide strong fiscal management by beginning on Day One to build a five-year strategic financial plan for Melrose. Monica will start with auditing our books, examining our policies and procedures, taking a full assessment of our current obligations and realistically forecasting what we need to operate moving forward.

Monica will provide active financial management of our city budget by building accountability measures into our day to day practices. Monica will continually review our spending and conduct regular budget check ins with our department leaders to proactively identify problem areas get back on track before things get out of hand.

Monica will integrate this strategic financial plan with our long-term capital improvement plans to better identify our needs and build a plan to reach our goals for our school system, for public safety, and for maintenance of our infrastructure.


Monica will create a budget that is clear, detailed, easy to find, and understandable.

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