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Monica's Vision

Monica is running because she loves Melrose, her lifelong home. She sees the possibilities of what its future holds and wants unlock that potential for all residents.

With fourteen years of elected municipal experience as a former City Councilor and School Committee member, Monica brings the unique skillset and experience that Melrose needs right now. With the goals of having healthy residents, healthy finances and a healthy environment, Monica brings the leadership and forward thinking that will help Melrose grow and thrive.

Voters can depend on Monica to lead us into a bright future, full of possibilities.

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Monica has always been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and oversight.

As our next Mayor, Monica will pursue long-term financial stability by

implementing responsible fiscal practices.


As a School Committee member, Monica always put students first.

As our next Mayor, Monica will focus on student achievement and prioritize

spending which directly impacts students in the classroom.


Monica consistently voted for initiatives to care for our streets, sidewalks,

parks & buildings for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. As our next

Mayor, Monica will continue to beautify Melrose.


Monica has always been a champion of an open, accountable & transparent

government and has encouraged community dialogue. Monica will continue

to be our advocate as our next Mayor.

Watch and Listen...

See and hear Monica share her vision.

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